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Awesome roadmaps for learning Computer Science and Technologies

Awesome roadmaps for learning Computer Science and Technologies

In this article, we will show a collection of roadmaps for the software industry and other technologies from GitHub and other resources

Ways of learning

There are many ways of learning suitable for everyone’s experience and situation, so i will talk about my way and how I learn in summary:

  • Finding the right resources that won’t make you hate this technology or feel boring
  • The official documentation and/or standards for the technology (Recommended to open it always besides learning/coding)
  • Questions & answers on Google, Stack Overflow, colleagues, quora, Reddit, or any other forums, blogs + online communities
  • books from O’Reilly, Apress, or similar publishers
  • Tutorials and Mooc videos
  • Practicing a side project, contributing to open source projects or tools

Ready Roadmaps

For no cs degree

Web Skills

General Frontend

General Backend

React Developer

Angular Developer

Vue Developer

Machine Learning Roadmaps

.Net Core Roadmaps

Flutter Roadmap

  • flutter roadmap that showing all concepts and another thing you must know

Android Roadmap

IOS Roadmap

Go Developer

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